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These are the steps to create a new map from an existing dataset (one that has already been uploaded). If you want to create a map on a new dataset then please see the upload guide.

Go to the Wizard
Go to the Wizard

Click 'Create a new Map' on the 'Maps' page or the 'Home' page.

Choose the dataset
Choose the dataset

Click on the dropdown to see the list of datasets to plot.

Choose one of the datasets under 'Your Datasets'.

If you are a subscribing customer then you could choose one from under 'Your Company Datasets' instead.

The 'Upload' option is for creating a map based on a new dataset.

Click 'Next'

If it is a record level dataset that you are plotting then there will be an extra 'level conversion' step at this point.

If the data is summarised (at Area, District or Sector level) then you will be taken to the last steps of the map creation wizard.

You will see the name of your dataset and the level of data it contains.

Click 'Next'
Choose the field to plot
Choose the field to plot

If there are multiple columns/fields in your dataset then you will need to select which one to plot by clicking on it.

If you click on the wrong one just click on the right one after it and the selected field will change.

If there is just one field then it will be selected for you and this step will be skipped.

Choose the default style to use
Choose the default style to use

Once the field is chosen you can select the default style for the map by clicking on one of the coloured maps.

This style can be swapped to another on the map screen.

It can also be customised on the map screen by changing the border, label and shading settings.

Customise and Browse your Map
Customise and Browse your Map

Refer to the 'Map Screen' pages to see what you can do with the map of your data.