Frequently Asked Questions
Can I publish/reuse the exported maps?
Provided you keep the ordnance survey copyright notices, you are free to distribute and use these maps without restriction.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can do this by logging into your PayPal account and cancelling the repeating payment schedule. If you cancel then your enhanced access will be revoked at the end of the month.
How do I create maps using my own data?
Upload your data as a CSV file that is in one of our required formats. Please do not upload Excel spreadsheets. If you upload your data and cannot see any fields to map then it is likely that it is in the wrong format.
How much does it cost?
It is our goal that basic mapping will always be free. Exporting at higher resolutions will require a subscription.
What is the minimum term for subscription?
You can subscribe for just a single month.
Which countries can I plot data for?
At the moment you can plot data for the United Kingdom only. We hope to expand to include other countries in the future.
Why do some of the borders not match the coast line of the background map?
We use low resolution shapes for faster responses, so we can cater for more users. As the number of subscriptions increase we will look to include higher resolution shapes.
Why does the legend cover some of my map?
The legend position is set to be inside the map. You can change the legend position in the 'Shading' options - under the heading Legend.
Why is my map all shaded the same colour?
This will be because a small area with very high figures is distorting the statistics. To resolve this you can choose to enter a value for the segment size in the shading options. Alternatively you may have uploaded address level data and not created a field to hold and count of the rows in each postcode.