• 2Map is a web application that creates thematic maps
    Create beautiful maps by just using your browser. Shade data at the following levels: Postal Area, District and Sector
    • Upload and map your own data
      The application accepts simple CSV files of various formats.
      • Customise Maps
        Change styles, labels, borders and shading options.
        • Frame the map to specific areas
          Automatically set the bounds of the map to geographical areas.
          • Customise Borders
            Configure the width, colour, style and opacity of borders.
            • Customise Labels
              Configure the size, colour, source, background and opacity of labels.
              • Clipping
                Clip the map to only show data within the selected areas.
              • Save Maps
                Store maps to a your own personal folder in the cloud. Log in and access them from any other computer or mobile device
                • Share Maps
                  Publish Maps to a shared company folder. These are accessible by your colleagues over the web.
                  • Export Map Images
                    Use them without restriction in your reports, presentations, publications and websites.
                    • No installation required
                      The advantage of Sofware as a Service (SaaS) is that there are no expensive servers to buy and nothing to install.